Five on Friday

1. “I’m moving” is a good excuse for many things. Especially the emotional roller coaster that I’m on. It swings from I’m-all-business-and-have-a-“to do”-list-to-complete to I-need-a-two-hour-nap-and-a-good-cry.

2. Many things feel like “lasts”. This is last time I’m… (fill in the blank.) …getting books from the library I love, going to a baseball game here, making a play date with this family, going to this restaurant with friends.

3. The moving sale was exhausting and I didn’t really get rid of all that much. At least I can bring it to Goodwill knowing that I tried.

4. Writing is difficult now. (see number one)

5. Big number 7 birthday tomorrow for E. We are currently having a bonfire and dancing for sun on the solstice. Kids are coming over in bathing suits for a splashy fun party. I suppose if they get wet in the rain it is the same outcome.

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