Art Show!

When I got to the school, the teacher I was suppose to replace was there and wasn’t actually attending her conference so I’m home.

I hope you’ll follow the link to see pictures of my children’s art work. Mrs. Moll the art teacher and numerous volunteers cover the halls with art work that students have created through the entire year. It is overwhelming to see the all the great art. Here is a small bit of it here.
EB's Cave Painting ala Lascaux
EB’s Cave Painting ala Lascaux. Click ART SHOW to see more!

Illustration Revisions Coming Along

I’ve come so far this week in the revision of my picture book dummy. Too bad I have to substitute teach today. I’d like to spend the time finishing one more illo and assembling the book. I’m eager to send it off but will complete it this weekend and show it to my writing partner once more before I send it off to secret agent man. I feel that I had a major break through this week that allowed me to reinsert an idea that I had lost in other revisions but really loved.