It is late for me but I feel that I have to post just to say that I’ve written something today. Generally I take the weekends off but get right back to work on Monday. This day was just packed with cleaning, sorting, meeting with moving companies, changing addresses, calling cable companies. I had the funniest experience when calling Time Warner.

(Thick foreign accent.) “Hello, this is Eric. How can I help you today?”
Me: I tell him my situation
Eric: “Can I have your address?”
Me:  I give him the address.
Eric: “Oh, I’m sorry, Anna, Time Warner Cable does not service that address. I can transfer you to the satellite company who may serve your area.”
Me: Okay
Eric: Starts to transfer my phone call but there is a rather long pause when the operators working in the background are audible. When I listen harder I can hear each one say: “Hello, this is Eric. How can I help you today.”
I laughed.

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