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Download a media kit:

Please download this zip drive for a high res book cover of Shira and Esther’s Double Dream Debut (Art by Marco Guadalupi), three author photos (please credit Becky Hale), and a one-sheet press release from Chronicle books.

I’d love to present at your school, library, or conference.

Anna E. Jordan is a veteran educator with over ten years of elementary and middle-school classroom experience.  She also teaches adults and feels comfortable adapting programs to various audiences.

Class Visits

Class visits can be scheduled in 45-50 minute blocks (one or multiple) and are appropriate for 10-25 students. Programs can be designed to correspond to specific learning results/outcomes. I’m also open to new ideas and look forward to working with you to develop a writing or art program that meets your needs. Below are topics of past programs:

  • Show Not Tell Revision
  • Five Senses Detectives
  • Writing Haiku Poetry
  • Reading and Writing Concrete Poetry
  • The Publication Process: from journaling to book publication.
  • Figurative Language and Poetry
  • How do you get your ideas? (Appropriate for writing & drawing.)
  • Menorahs, and Dreidels, and Latkes, Oh my!
  • Thumbnails, Storyboards, and Pacing Picturebooks
  • Using Household Objects for Printmaking

Writer/Artist in Residence Programs
The Artist in Residence program is a chance for me to have an extended period of time with your students. These programs can last from five to ten days and are planned to run in 45-80 minutes blocks. In the past, I have been honored to work with classrooms creating picture books, making a magical creatures handbook, and publishing a class book of poems and prints.

A residency has many benefits:

  • Because I visit often, I get to know student goals, challenges, and personalities and can modify my teaching to meet their needs.
  • Consistent time on task and one-on-one attention mean that student work improves quickly.
  • Students are able to produce high-quality work.
  • Students often end up with some class or personal product.
  • Projects can be more complex and often include both text and images.

Recommendations and kind words about Anna’s programs:

“Thank you for working with Mrs. K’s class and inspiring the children– [my son’s] book was such a wonderful surprise!”
-Parent Comment

“I was proud that I was published.”
-Student Comment

“I enjoyed being a scientist and writing the poem.”
-Student Comment

“This was an incredible project to connect my children’s poetry with art. All of the poems connect with the personalities of my students. Now they all have a poem to keep in their pocket and a picture to put in their head.”
-Teacher Comment

Please contact me for references, program specifics, pricing, and scheduling information. 
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