I am at the Leonardtown Library and have met all the children’s librarians and their assistants. We have our library cards and I now I am reconnecting with the world. We got here on Sunday after an all-day drive from Maine. Somehow, we managed to miss the lasting storms and just drove in and out of cloud bursts. The cargo was pretty dry when we pulled up at our new house.

The house is a spacious ranch in a development near a golf course. The neighborhood seems very nice but is definitely suburban and a big change from our more rural setting in Maine or my city neighborhood growing up. The good news, the kids have immediately found friends and we spend all the very hot afternoons at the community’s pool.  Last night when hubby got home from work, he took the kids to play tennis at dusk. We collected fireflies with the neighbors and shared fudgesicles. So there are definitely benefits.

The kids have visited their school and were charmed by the principal. “It’s too bad that we have to wait so long to go to school,” said I., “it is sort of suspensful.” So that’s good.

The biggest bad is that I’m without all my stuff. I’m certain that I can write without the computer and purchased a good old single subject spiral for the purpose. The only problem is I’m not exactly sure where I’ve left off in the novel. No matter- I’m going to focus on scenes and try to make some forward progress. If you’ve sent me an email recently, I’m sorry I’ve not responded. I need to use the library connection to get to the internet at this point.

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