Birthday Soup

If you do not worship Maurice Sendak I will not unfriend you but know that onward, I will consider you deeply damaged. These are childhood copies of Sendak books that I have kept (not sure about my Where the Wild Things Are copy but now I’m on the hunt.) The Little Bear books, written by Else Holmelund Minarik, were some of the first I read on my own and each book is loved with nicks, frays, and rips.

Yesterday was my birthday. I invited friends over for a dinner of soup, bread, and salad. After the eating, we would go outside into the cold, woods on snowshoes under the bright no-longer-quite-full moon. What a wonderful idea for a story, I thought (as I often do.) That’s when I remembered that the story of my birthday had already been written.


I spent the day cleaning (like Little Bear) and preparing for guests who would taste my Butternut Squash, Apple, Curry soup. While no cat, duck, or hen was in attendance, I too found myself surrounded by loving and supportive friends. In Little Bear’s story, he searches for Mother Bear who is absent. My mother and father are, thank goodness, far away from the snowy north and the recent storm. I am currently without partner or spouse. My children are with their father this week. My friends’ discussion of me having to make my own birthday dinner was laced with sympathy and pride, but I have gotten used to and most of the time enjoy my solitude. I didn’t imagine the evening any other way. Plus, I was able to create just what I wanted without any convincing or compromising––Birthday Soup.


At the end of Little Bear’s story, Mother Bear arrives with the cake that she secretly created. That was why she had been absent all along. For me, that magic happened before the guests arrived. My sons came by to bake me a cake and decorate it.


When we get together later this week, we will celebrate together… all over again.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter, caramel icing and chocolate covered pretzels.
Chocolate cake with peanut butter, caramel icing and chocolate covered pretzels.

Day Off

Thanks so much for visiting. I’m taking the day off for my birthday. Book Review Wednesday will return next week.

Please feel free to check out the review archives especially the post for Melissa Sweet’s, Balloons Over Broadway which just won the Nonfiction award at the ALA Mid-Winter conference.

On Monday I’ll post a round-up of the SCBWI New York conference.

Have a great weekend!

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Monday in Maryland

A lot has been going on for me recently which means that every once in a while, I have to shake my head to clear some more space. Perhaps I am so groggy because we got back to Maryland at one in the morning after the 12 hour drive from Maine. We were in Maine to clean up  and fix up our house for the new tenants who move in today. The problem with cleaning and fixing for others to enjoy is that it makes me say snarky and grumbly things about my hubby. For example, "Why couldn’t you finish that trim when we lived here?" Or about myself, "How hard would it have been to wipe the disgusting finger prints off the door sill." Or about the garden, "Why do you have to be so beautiful and blooming when I won’t be here to enjoy it." Never-the-less, the renters are a kind family, and I’m sure they will enjoy it. 

It was definitely a list day. I couldn’t focus well without one. Mostly conference related work as we are getting closer to the September 15th deadline for workshop proposals. I have to tell folks that we are getting wonderful submissions but are short on illustrator submissions. (Not surprising, but if you know an illustrator who should propose a workshop give them a nudge.) Also I’ve received a couple of submissions directly to my email and these cannot be accepted. We have an online application at the following URL.

In other news. We have a Birthday! So here is a  birthday breakfast for you Jo Knowles. What do you mean it’s not breakfast time? It’s always breakfast time, especially when it is your birthday. See you soon dear.

(I know I need a new Birthday illustration. I’ll work on it.)