Review Policy

Congratulations on your book and thanks for including Creative Chaos blog in your marketing strategy. Here are some things that you should know:

  • I review picture books, middle grade, and young adult books including poetry and nonfiction. 
  • I only consider books published by publishers listed on the SCBWI Market Guides (PAL Publishers). Click for more information on PAL guidelines.
  • The purpose of a review is to help you market your book, so I only review books I like. After all, it is only good Karma. I could be asking you to review my book some day.
  • I’m not a good person to review High Fantasy.
  • Because I’m dedicated to making sure that all kids can get their hands on “mirror & window” books, I’m especially interested in books with multicultural characters, experiences and themes, including Judiasm, children of color, LGBT, and disabilities.
  • I have a profile on NetGalleys and Edelweiss, or egalleys can be sent directly to annaeleanorjordan AT gmail DOT com (KINDLE version)
  • Hardcopies of your ARCs, and F&G’s can be sent to my home address. Please contact me at annaeleanorjordan AT gmail DOT com for that information.
  • If this is Kirkus, School and Library Journal, Horn Book or another established review journal willing to pay for a review, the answer is yes!

I’d love to hear from you.