What I did today.

Hubby leaves at 6:30 am. I get children dressed, fed (bacon and eggs by the way) and onto the bus. No easy task let me tell you. Back to the studio.
1. Worked on a coloring page illustration for wonderful

2. Started addressing illustration promotional postcards that are doubling as holiday cards. (If you get one, pass my websites on to 10 other people, please)
3. Picked up kiddo # one from Kindergarten bus.
4. Made lunch for kiddo
5. Did babybook project with kiddo after he begged and begged. Got out materials. Started work. Kiddo got bored and went outside.
6. Took dog to vet to get stitches out.
7. Made target for “bow and arrow” that kiddo made.
8. Made yummy granola, oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip cookies.
9. Kiddo #2 comes home, goes to play with bow and arrow until bow breaks and I fix it with ingenious thumbtack engineering.
10. Hubby comes home says we’re going out for dinner… GREAT!
11. Hubby starts project outside.
12. I help kiddo # one in his project to re-illustrate Tomie DePaolo’s book Cookie’s Week.
13. Take out cookies.
14. Tell hubby kids can’t wait any longer must go to dinner now. Hubby says he still needs to work.
15. I make supper.
16. Eat cookies and supper. (In that order.)
17. Hubby goes back to work in dark with headlights shining on house. Takes kids with him.
They are still in the dark playing who knows what. I am taking a break and blogging. Because I’m worth it, that’s why.

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