Lunch in Space

Mr. Drab droned on about Pluto and dwarf planets. Oliver tried to take notes but his head was somewhere else. The clock ticked. His pencil tapped. Ten minutes until noon. Ten minutes until lunch. Oliver looked out the window. Lunch, planets, lunch, planets, he thought. He looked into space. Ten minutes. Ten, nine, eight, seven… Oliver’s bottom began to vibrate. His ears filled noise….six, five, four… He grabbed the helmet from beside him, shoved it on his head and buckled up. …three, two, one… BLAST OFF!  Next thing he knew, Oliver swooshed into the sky. His cheeks felt tight, his stomach flip, flopped. The sky changed from cobalt, to indigo, to violet until there was nothing. Nothing but potato chip asteroids?

Help Oliver capture lunch and return to school before noon. Hope you like the illo.

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