And did I mention, Vote!

Vote! Vote today!

Vote no on TABOR if you live in Maine. Why? It would cut public budgets in a way that would harm schools, parks and recreation, environmental protections, rehabilitation for those dealing with addictions and lots more. It is redundant to LD 1 that is already in place in the legislature. It is bad news.

Vote to change the majority of power in the house and the congress. Vote for change. Vote for the planet. Vote for our children. Vote to protect the checks and balances in the branches of government. Vote for peace. Vote!

Not sure what I should say this morning. Just thinking I need to post. Outside my window the sun is just rising. There is this amazing gradient of color from black (the tree silhouettes in the distance) to light blue (the fog bluring more distant trees) and then a purple that fades into an intense pink of sky. It is really beautiful and if I don’t look directly down then I can’t see the mess that is my own driveway. The wood pile of scrap wood from our unfinished construction, the cars that don’t fit in our garage because tools are there, or the messy garden I’ve yet to put to bed.

This week: send out a slew of writing that is sitting in my office complete and previously rejected. Clean house? It is getting kind of frustrating how much crap my kids take out and don’t put away.