I was super productive yesterday. My Sammy board book is off to Tricycle Press. A Channukah story is off to Kar-Ben, and my non-fiction ballet proposal is off to Scholastic. I have a picture book at Walter Lorraine and the same one at Schwartz and Wade. Hoping, as always, to get a nibble. I’m also waiting on the Kimberly Colen Grant and I’ve applied to other day jobs.

If you haven’t seen [info]pamm ‘s post about saying no to revisions, take a look. Today I said no to a job offer. Well, not an offer and that was part of the problem. After two interviews, and waiting for five weeks when they said it would be two, the interviewer called to say that I had made it to the third round of interviews. Third round? What do they need that they haven’t gotten already. Another supervisor would be there, she explained. I said, no thank you. I am getting too old to take jobs that don’t respect me as highly qualified.