Portfolio Groundhog Day

So… I said that I would talk about my portfolio experience a little. I’m afraid if you know me it is sort of like ground hog day. I work and work at creating new pieces and getting a professional presentation. When I put out the portfolio I’m excited and proud but the reception is tepid at best. It is very disheartening.

The thing is that I keep getting similar feedback from art and creative directors. I hear about how my paintings look flat or that the colors have the same value (lightness/darkness) so that nothing really POPS! It was suggested that I take painting and color classes this weekend to remedy the issues. I agree. I never went to art school. But I read an awful lot, know all these things, and can notice them in other people’s art. Noticing and remedying this issue in my own work is more difficult and I really do need guidance.

As with writing, though, one has to practice, play and revise constantly before you get anything worth keeping. I am always putting myself in situations where I am showing my art, or creating art for show. I don’t really write this way. I just write. I get an idea or thought and write. I’m constantly playing and practicing. Not so with art….well, I keep a sketch book and I draw regularly but not every day. Often it is in fits and spurts. It is either all the time, can’t put it down, frustrates my family or nothing. Too busy to pick it up. Well, that is just life right now.

Urgh! I would love to go to art school. To have the time to be so selfish and into my art. Someday…someday.

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