Masters Schmasters

I’m reading this amazing book by David Hockney, Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters. It is almost a dissertation on the use of optics, lenses, mirrors and projections in the 1400’s, 1500’s, and 1600’s. He uses visual evidence to prove that many masters used these optical tools to, in essence, trace. Now, lenses are lenses, they are just tools and the painters and their apprentices made the marks. Just as computers are tools today, the masters had their own set of tools that, in the hands of unskilled others, would not have helped. (My subject line is just a joke.) Actually, I was thinking of slatts but anyone interested in image making would appreciate this book. It is extremely thought provoking.

Power Out

At 2 am last night, I jolted awake to the sound of every alarm, printer, computer, light, and answering machine starting up again. My, I thought, how quiet is was without all these gadgets. Thus ended my 36 hours without electricity. It started warm and cozy with games and me reading Harry Potter to my sons for two hours straight. However, with my husband working and me finally through four Saturdays of stressful work I had been looking forward to a weekend movie marathon for the kids with popcorn and peace for me. No such luck. We hooked a small generator up to the fridge. At least we saved the food. Calm now but my kids had to deal with a pretty stressed out Mommy this weekend. All’s well that ends well.