Post-event Depression

Do you suppose there is some classified depression for event planners? Post-event depression? If so, I think I have it. This week I have been feeling a little low. The FFF was fabulous, the portfolio reveiws were not so bad, the poem coming back rejected from Spider was just weird (no form rejection, no nothing). But I’ve had a hard time lifting my drawing pencil or sitting to write my daily pages. My JoNoWriMo momentum has gone out the window entirely. Actually, I feel as though I should give up the current art, throw it out, and start over.

I must say that I’ve been cramming my choreography for the new aerobics rountine that launches on Saturday. That has left me physically tired. I’ve prepped for three other classes I teach during the week: writing, hebrew school, and kids movement. And I made a ducky costume for E. (So cute if I do say so myself.) So I haven’t been idle. I just don’t  feel like doing what I should also be doing. Writing, drawing, prepping the synagogue newsletter.

Ahhhhhhh! Too much. How do I get out of something? At least soccer ends on Saturday. Phew.