Ahhh, progress

I am posting at 11pm because I’m getting pretty close to completing the spread that is the climax of my story. So here is the tally. Cover complete, first page complete and 3 middle spreads complete. The rest of the story I will only render in pencil. All these need to be scanned and printed to create my dummy. Fall Folio Feast is in eight days. My goal is to have the smaller dummy with my portfolio and the full size images in the portfolio pages.

Mmmm, donut.

If you ever get to Brunswick, ME go to Frosty’s Donuts. Better than Krispy Kremes even. Call the night before to reserve a dozen ’cause they open at 5:30am and most of the glazed ones are gone before 7am. The shop is run by a very religious Seventh Day Adventist family so you’ll get a dose of Jesus with your donut. But these donuts are blessed. They are light and sweet and satisfyingly worth the calories.I just ate one (after teaching aerobics, ha!) and it was a piece of heaven.

Play date

Today E. has a playdate which means I have all day (until 2:30) to myself after I teach aerobics and maybe fold the mountain of clean clothes that are on my bed…then back in the basket…then on my bed…then back in the basket…then on my bed… you get the idea.