End of my independent rope?

My fingers just want to type and type. I wish I was writing on one of my novels, what’s stopping me. The picture books, the non-fiction work? I just want to get something sold this year. And then what about the illustration? The portfolio showcase is just two weeks from today and I had hopes of having a whole new body of work. That was six months ago, and now, nothing. That’s not entirely true. I have some new pieces. I’ve done a lot on the Roar! dummy. All good. But I feel as though I’m constantly racing to get my unique idea before the right publisher before someone with a similar unique idea gets their work before the publisher. I have such a large body of writing that hasn’t been sent around that I wish I had someone to send out these stories and worry about them while I write and draw. Ahhh… that’s called an agent. Finding one of those is just as hard, and many say you don’t need one. I think I’m reaching the end of my independent rope though. Need help.

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