College Life Redo

So first of all, a  very happy birthday to my conference co-conspirator  . I hope you have an awesome day. If you come to VCFA for the alumni day I’ll see you there. If not, here is my family’s traditional birthday breakfast just for you. Enjoy! (I’m going to announce the CFP for 2010 at lecture today.)

You may have noticed the early hour of this posting. Sometimes writers get up early to savor the early morning peace before the chaos of the day begins. I just can’t sleep past 5 am here. Perhaps it is that we eat dinner at 5 pm or that I drink tea and wine before I go to bed, or that my honey is not here to snuggle, or that the bed is too small in my dorm room, or that mattress is not as good… whatever the issue, it is insanely frustrating. My bedtime doesn’t seem to matter. My bladder seems to rule the situation and then I can’t get back to sleep despite the sleeping mask and earplugs. Oh well, I suppose I’ll make it up when I get home or I’ll start savoring the early morning peace before the chaos.

By Anna Boll

I curl.
Head and toes
touching cool
cinder block.
the solidity
of you.

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