It has been a crazy couple of days here in Maine. In order to complete illustration sketches for a Tuesday meeting, I stayed up until 3 am Monday night. I had completed most of the sketches previously and had planned to scan and print them to create a draft dummy. However, when I found the moving box with  the scanner, I could not find the power cord. Very frustrating. I ended up re-sketching all the images.

Last night, a fire alarm woke my two kids and myself at 3:30 am. We high tailed it outside, called 911 and waited for the firefighters to show up. Luckily, it was a false alarm. Perhaps a faulty fire alarm device. We were back in the house by 4:30 but none of us could sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you are scared that maybe it wasn’t a false alarm. The two kids ended up in my bed. Then they fell asleep fine. I couldn’t get my heart to stop thumping through the blankets. I kept hugging and holding them. The alarm went off again tonight. I think it is faulty so I replaced it with another that we had. I hope that will be the end of that.

Of course our night time schedules have not changed the last-week-before-school-starts-day-time schedule. Days have included school shopping and a trip to Funtown Splashtown USA. (I hear you singing the theme song, Maine-ahs) 

On a writing note…um…well…
So kids are going back to school on Monday. Maybe that will help things out.

Packet number one deadline approacheth

Hello out there in LJ land. Just a quick posting (perhaps we will number it.)
1. I have one week left to complete two critical essays, 20-40 new pages of writing, a quickee autobiography and a sincere letter of progress to the awesome Sharron Darrow. Everything is started, nothing is finished. (I’m starting to grind my teeth at night again.)

2. My Maine homecoming has been absolutely awesome. I’ve managed to connect with so many people who are welcoming us home with open arms. I feel so thankful to be a part of this community (and I love being in MY house again.)

3. If you are close by, you are invited to our first once a month potluck. We all say we are too busy to make time for each other, but friendships are what life is all about. Email or comment if you need more info!

4. I’ve had the DVD "Penelope" on my counter for over a month from Netflix (even in Maryland) so I finally watched it tonight. LOVED IT. It has that weird super saturated art direction of Pushing Up Daisies.

5. So here’s the awful part. "Penelope" is rated PG, I thought my kids would love it. I’d never seen it before. So we’re watching and there is this one part. Takes about 3 seconds, when the smarmy rich guy (who saw Penelope once and got scared and thought she was a monster) re- imagines Penelope as a monster with fangs and scary eyes and a boarish face. He sees this monster in his imagination through a car window in the dark. OMG my boys (10 and 8) shriek and scream and start to sob like someone is coming after them with a chainsaw. They run to my chair and hug me and sob and shake (for what seems an eternity but was probably all of 10 minutes) and all I can do is apologize over and over and hold them and love them and validate their fear. Now they are in my bed and I’m stuck sleeping with kids who are each almost 5 feet tall.

Okay so that’s five on Wednesday. I’ll be back after my deadline is past.