Five on Friday

1. Some people are seashore people, I love the mountains. I love to see the cloud shadows slide over the folds and peaks of the land. As I drove north through Vermont today I felt that I was painting with my eyes. In my imagination I was squeezing oil paint silky slipping out of the tube onto my glass palatte: greens, blues, and violets. I could imagine mixing the green and violets together to make those places where the land undulates into cool shadows and slapping the deep olive green of the pines onto the canvas with palette knife their prickly needles poking the colbalt of the sky. I am a mountain person.

2. Because I had a shorter drive today, I was able to tool around a little on my way to school. On the advice of I stopped at the Northshire Bookstore. I don’t write this very often but– OMG! Here are a couple of pics. Jessica and her staff of amazing children’s book sellers were just awesome. So helpful and welcoming. These are the places I dream of visiting as a published author.

3. I am happily moved into VCFA, my bed is made, my clothes hung up and my roommate, Melanie is wonderful. I’m not sure if it is luck of the draw or if there is some effort to match people according to backgrounds and interests but they scored on this one.

4. We just play 2 truths and a lie, can you tell which one is my lie? Put your answer in the comments. 

A. I taught Middle School for ten years.
B. I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Maryland to Maine (but not like Governor Sanford.)
C. I ran for the Maine State Legislature.

5. We are headed out to watch Milo and Otis on the quad. I feel like such a coed.

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