Twelve Blessings on a Wednesday

I do not want to complain this morning so instead I will count my blessings and then get to work.

  1. The whether is chilly and lovely. 
  2. My sons are happy.
  3. My hubby is a lovely caring man and I’m lucky to have him.
  4. We all have our health.
  5. Hubby and I both have jobs and healthcare.
  6. We live in a country that allows a voice for everyone over 18 and allows for dissent.
  7. I’m part of a wonderful community of writers who try to give voice to those under 18.
  8. I am able to write for my work.
  9. I know how to look at the world as an artist even if I’ve not been doing my art recently.
  10. My agent is excited about a PB manuscript I sent him and is going to start making some calls about it.
  11. My family is near by.
  12. I am educated and connected. 

Tomorrow I might complain…

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