Five on Friday

 1. I am almost done with my freelance articles for the month and they are due next Wednesday. I thought they were due today. Isn’t it nice when you find a little breathing room?
2. I am going to a party tonight thrown by a woman I knew in HS. Tomorrow is my 20th reunion. ($200 per couple) I’m not going to that but I am going to this before party (donation to support elementary baseball, I can do that). I’m going to see a bunch of people who have recently become my friend on facebook. Isn’t it funny how cyberfriendships grow easier than real-time friendships?
3. So I’m kinda freakin’ out about this and went into a tizzy of doing laundry at 6:45 this morning so I’d be sure to have the right thing to wear. ACK! I already sound like I’m in High School again. Maybe I can at least get some research out of this.
4. Saturday, I get to see my good buddy Jen, we’re meeting for breakfast. Then I’m going to the homecoming football game which actually sounds fun to me.
5. The personal trainer at the gym must think that I’m way stronger than I am ’cause the workout she made for me is wicked hard. I guess I’ll need the strong back and arms to finish my novel.