Hooray for Books!

It’s Children’s Book Week!

Here’s a quick book craft project you may want to try.
Magnetic Book Mark
You will need:
1. Strip of card stock or index card
2. Two thin magnets that stick together (opposites attract)
3. Crafty supplies for decorating, ink stamps, markers, pencils, paper to collage, ribbon, whatever you’d like.
4. Needle and embroidery floss.

What to do:
1. Cut the index card the long way up the middle.
2. Decorate both pieces. (use the lines or flip it to the white side)
3. Glue the magnet onto the non-decorated side of the paper. You will have a sandwich of paper, magnet, magnet, paper.
4. Connect the top of the bookmark by sewing it together with colorful embroidery floss. Leave a length of floss and string on a few interesting beads if you’d like. Or you can make your own beads with sculpey/fimo of your favorite characters or activities.

5. Go read a good book, and if you have to put it down… use your new bookmark. Slide the middle over the page and the magnet will clamp the bookmark together.

I’ll post pictures later, but I really need to be writing. See ya.