That is my huge sigh of relief. The Fall Folio Feast went well despite the impending storm remnants from Hurricane Noel. Chris Van Dusen gave a wonderful speech. He spoke about his experience in the illustration business and then took us on a journey of completing a page in the Mercy Watson books, by Kate DiCamillo that he illustrates. It was great getting to be a fly on the studio wall. Other people might not find paper, pallets, and paints interesting, but the audience of 35 illustrators and 12 art buyers were on the edge of their seats each time the slide changed and the illustration progressed.

A shout out to all the wonderful artists who exhibited their portfolios. I hope we all get jobs in the next year. You can find these and other artists at www.maineillustratorscollective.org click on Members! In the next couple of days, my wonderful partner in crime Leticia Plate will be posting pictures at the site as well. Check in and see the fun we had.

Another huge thank you to all the art buyers who showed up to view portfolios:
Tilbury Press
Islandport Press
Port City Life
Perry & Banks
Maine Reads
Curious City Books
Moo-Cow Fan Club
Portland Phoenix
Montgomery Design
Lucky Tangerine Design Studio
WGBH Boston

Next time you need an image. Skip the Stock! Go to Maine Illustrators’ Collective and hire an illustrator to create a unique solution for your communication needs.

Thanks also to Artist and Craftsman, Picture Book, Rosemont Bakery, Maine Coffee Roasters, Books Etc. and the Directory of Illustration for donating goods and services to make the event happen.

That was my shriek at noticing the state of my house. Conference over. Now the real work begins.