Bad haircut

I got a bad haircut today. I’d been growing it for about six months and it had gotten quite long. Down to my shoulders or so. But it is very thick and coarse and looks like a big triangle on top of my head. Sort of like Rosana-dana. So I got it cut. I don’t really look like the userpic by this journal now. My hair was razor cut all over to thin it out but it is also cut sort of lopsided. It was suppose to look a little like posh spice. I know, I know, but I thought the haircut would be good. Kind of sexy and sporty. It doesn’t really look like anything. Just that it’s been hacked off. My response was to go out and purchase auburn hair dye in the hopes that at least the red would cover the grey bits that are poking out everywhere these days. I haven’t dyed it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I’ve had two very lovely rejections recently. The kind that tell you how amazing your work is, your ideas are great, but they are going to have to pass. Must be hard. Too pass that is. On such amazing work. But they hope you have luck placing your work elsewhere. ACK!

So even though there are awful things like war, famine, a subprime mortgage crisis, and a campaign for the presidency I am sad a about a bad haircut and manuscript rejections.

I wish I had more to report but I just don’t. 

Six things on a Wednesday.

1. I am a master procrastinator.
2. The world is wintery white and cold as icicles.
3. I would like to curl up and crawl into the clothes dryer.
4. Chocolate brownies make me happy.
5. My husband makes awesome soup. Today is pumpkin soup.
6. I got a bike for Chanukah last night. How cool is that. I’m not too old to get a bike for a gift!

I’m writing, I’m writing.

3:00 Yeehaw!

7797 / 30000 words. 26% done!

Update 2007

1. Books I’ve read in the last month: An Abundance of Katherines (Green), Twisted(Halse-Anderson), A Drowned Maiden’s Hair (Schlitz), Lessons from a Dead Girl (Knowles), Diary of A Fairy Godmother (Raji-Codell), Mao’s Last Dancer (Li Cunxin), Goy Crazy (Schorr).
2. Books on my bedside table: Story of a Girl (Zarr), Shark Girl (Bingham), Catalyst (Halse-Anderson), Friction (Frank), The Sunita Experiment (Perkins), Writing Magic (Levine), Crafting Stories for Children (Lamb)
3. Ballet proposal is out at agents. Molli & Mati has been rejected twice (third time’s a charm), Environmental books out at Tilbury House.
4. Made significant progress on Jacob Jones manuscript this month. (Thanks Jo!) I’ve set a deadline for December 15th to have the first draft done. I’m hoping to bring it to NY SCBWI conference.
5. Illustration mailing needs to go out. ACK.
6. 2009 conference planning starting, 2008 looking on good. On track.
7. Am I really and author/illustrator or just a writer who likes to draw? (That is a much deeper discussion that shouldn’t be on this list but there it is. At least I’m honest.)
8. It is technically still 2007 so this might still be my year.