Illustration Friday- “Phoenix”

I’ve never really shared this before, but… These are my designs for “The Phoenix Towers.” Right after 9/11 I designed these buildings to replace the Twin Towers. “Two curving wing-like structures, white, with windows to reflect the city lights,” is what I wrote on the bottom. The arrow points to a strip of window running down the edge of the building and says, “Glass for elevator shaft. Glass elevator allows views of the city. Goes to observation deck.” The inset is an interior shot and says, “In between towers, glass covered atrium. Marble floor (white) etched with names of the dead, in cocentric circles. Center, eternal flame in water.”

I wish I could have submitted the idea to someone because the monstrosity they’ve designed seems like a tower of Babel. Trying to reach higher into the sky in order to prove that we can touch the face of God first. Sometimes beauty and peace are more appropriate than might, and money.

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