You say you want a resolution!

Here are last year’s resolutions (This is a great idea Tami!)

1) clean and organize studio Did this, but it is ongoing.
2) try to do morning writing pages at least three times a week I have to admit that this is still not my habit. But I can say that I either wrote or drew each day. My sketch book carrying was more habitual and there have been times that people in my family have requested (rather impolitely) that I stop drawing and come back to Earth.
3) send program brochures to schools and libraries This was not very successful. Even though I included a self-address stamped postcard, I did not hear back from folks that I sent the brochures too. I have made some personal connections with teachers who have passed on my information to other educators. The most important thing was designing the programs and the promotional materials. Now I have brochures and the information is on the web.
4) sign up for one course that will help me move me forward on one project this spring I took a children’s illustration class during the summer. The best part of it was breaking through the “I don’t have time” excuse. But it took some doing. My fabulous sister came up from DC to be with my kids while I worked on my art from 9-5 each day. Wow! That time was really amazing.
5) keep on submitting and getting rejected. There’s got to be a contract out there for me. I’m submitting more and more and the rejections are getting more personal. Maybe 2007.

In addition to these things, I’m pleased to say that I got out two illustration mailings, showed my portfolio at the Spring NESCBWI Portfolio  Showcase, and the Fall Folio Feast, joined an on-line picturebook crit group, had a great time at my writing schmoozes, entered two contests (one illo and one writing), switched to Live Journal, applied for a SCBWI grant, and purchased an on-line portfolio with Click here to see it.

The goals haven’t changed much for 2007:
1. Three illustration mailings this year.
2. Continue to draw and write regularly. Update online portfolio monthly.
3. Continue to submit manuscripts. Try to make the turn around time shorter. (Sometimes I sit on manuscripts instead of sending them out the next day.) Is that contract out there?
4. Apply for non-fiction SCBWI grant
5. Play with novel ideas this year.
6. Take painting class.
7. Get a day job.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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