NYC trip looming

Here is a unique idea in the world of gallery shows. “Fill in the Blanks” marries art and performance art by providing canvases, frames and lumps of clay for artists to develop over the course of the show dates. Mary Brooking of the Maine Illustrators’ collective will be one of the featured artists.

I am busy prepping for my trip to New York. The SCBWI conference does not start until Friday, the 8th but I am going early to show my portfolio to Art Directors and do research at the New York Public Library and meet up with friends and family. A week away from home! ACK! I’ve thrown myself into a whirlwind of laundry, packing, and list making. Lists for portfolio revisions, lists for what to take, lists of addresses and phone numbers, subway maps, amtrak timetables… I like traveling, love the train, and can’t wait to visit the city but I am a little nervous too.

A list:
1. Remember to breathe
2. Work on Chapter 2, Ballet
3. Revise cat montage
4. Finalize portfolio, make sure you have 2, dummy books attached
5. Pack clothing
6. Pack sketch book, traveling drawing kit.
7. Confirm appointments
8. Mapquest directions for Providence train station
9. Highlight relevant subway routes.
10. Check on subway passcard for the week
11. Society of Illustration hours?
12. Breathe.

Summer goals

I haven’t posted much recently. That’s because my arm was partially eaten by a giant pile of laundry. I have figured out that if I am wearing the right glasses I can fold laundry and catch up on my friends list, but I can’t comment or write my own posts. I have also been in research land.

I love research land. I love gathering resources, filling out interlibrary loan applications, and picking up the books when they arrive. I love the way index cards fit in your hand. I love the sound they make when you ca-chunk them together after a particularly successful day of taking notes. The problem is that I love it so much, I could go on reading and taking notes for a long time without doing my own writing.

So, for the month of June I pledge to:
Write the first chapter of my non-fiction WIP, and start Chapter two.
Complete note taking for my fiction WIP with the three books I have out now. (Due June 26 anyhow.)
Revise Roar illustrations.

That is if the giant pile of laundry doesn’t find…no…not now… I have important research to do! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Crazy busy.

Things have been crazy busy. I’m finally getting a minute at the computer so here’s a quick list of recent happenings.
1. The NESCBWI conference went well. I’m really glad I got to see my friends with whom I have a once-in-a-while critique group. It was great to catch up and discuss the emotional ups and downs of the publishing (or not) business. I attended a few workshops that taught me something, others were a good review of stuff I know but need to be reminded of from time to time. My paid critique went well and I am hopeful.

2. My parents are visiting and I took them to Peaks Island yesterday during the amazing weather we had. Beautiful ferry ride, fabulous meal at the Cockeyed Gull overlooking Casco Bay, nice time with family, and lot’s of walking. My face is a little pink though. Mental note to self: Use sunscreen. The sun is at summer levels now even though it is chilly.

3. My printer is freaking out on me and I would actually like it to be done for so I could have an excuse to get and Epson with waterproof ink. However, I’m afraid that all it needs is a new ink cartridge.

4. I shared the first three chapters of my WIP at my regular crit group and the work was well received. The suggestions and criticism were right on. Now I have to figure out the answers to the questions my wonderful friends asked.

5. Laundry is stacking up like you wouldn’t believe. Who am I kidding? You believe it. Your house probably looks the same.

6. My sons were in a very professional but student danced version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They were the spiders and did a great job of looking spidery. Their teacher and director, Elizabeth Drucker, is an absolute saint (I never heard her raise her voice through out the rehersals) as well as a choreographic genius. She is able to let everyone shine and really showcase the talent and experience of each dancer at his or her own level.

7. I’m starting to look forward to summer camp when both my kids will have full day schedules and maybe I’ll eek out the time to complete some of my WIP’s.