Summer goals

I haven’t posted much recently. That’s because my arm was partially eaten by a giant pile of laundry. I have figured out that if I am wearing the right glasses I can fold laundry and catch up on my friends list, but I can’t comment or write my own posts. I have also been in research land.

I love research land. I love gathering resources, filling out interlibrary loan applications, and picking up the books when they arrive. I love the way index cards fit in your hand. I love the sound they make when you ca-chunk them together after a particularly successful day of taking notes. The problem is that I love it so much, I could go on reading and taking notes for a long time without doing my own writing.

So, for the month of June I pledge to:
Write the first chapter of my non-fiction WIP, and start Chapter two.
Complete note taking for my fiction WIP with the three books I have out now. (Due June 26 anyhow.)
Revise Roar illustrations.

That is if the giant pile of laundry doesn’t find…no…not now… I have important research to do! Ahhhhhhhhh!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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