Poetry Friday: The Squirrel

All of my poetry has been about winter these days and honestly, I’m sick of it. So I’ve been scouring my files and found this haiku that made me laugh. Perhaps it will make you think of another season. Perhaps it will make you laugh too. The illustration is my own from the book FUFU AND FRESH STRAWBERRIES written by Caitlin Lowell and Charlotte McDonald, Telling Room, Portland, ME.

The Squirrel

by Anna E. Jordan

Trashcan gargoyle.
Frozen. Thus, invisible
to stupid humans.


8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Squirrel

  1. Anna, this is a fun poem for children and adults. A chuckle is needed to warm up the chill. The illustration is a great accompaniment. Tell me if we had a conversation about your winter poem, Prepare. I was once again today struck by the uniqueness of your visual that accompanied the poem and I think (or wanted to ask) you if I could place your poem in the Winter Whisperings Gallery. I cannot find that correspondence so please let me know at @cvarsalona if you will offer the poem and photo for the gallery and any other piece you have. Thanks, Anna.

  2. Made me laugh too, Anna–the gargoyle idea just transforms the dailiness of squirrel on trashcan. Nice to meet you!

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