A blue-sky day, a sunshiney day, a fine day for a drive…

Many women start careers in their 20’s and then choose to take a break and raise small children in their 30’s. When the kiddos are older many of those women choose to return to the workplace. Get this… it’s not that easy. Have you ever noticed how most applications have sections that say, please explain any gaps in employment. It is so negative. And, if you are like me, and trying to change fields (not even whole careers, just from one field to another within the same industry) it is even harder. Add to that a crappy economy and 10% unemployment… just let me say that it is difficult to keep your spirits up. I wasn’t feeling so great when my last application ended with no interview. This news definitely started the week on a downer. Well I’m here to tell you that I’m on the brighter side of things today.

No. No day job. No contract. No agent. HOWEVER… I spent a lovely day with my husband on a road trip to the wonderful town of Belfast. We went to deliver my painting for the Maine Farmland Trust show and auction. (More about that in the next paragraph.) While driving, we feasted on fall foliage shining in sea and stream. We talked, we listened to The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock…

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… I absolutely love the Wisconsin accent that the audiobook actress uses

and we loved, loved, loved Belfast. I guess Belfast is one of those towns that is easy to skip. We’ve lived in Maine 15 years and manage to drive right by it on Route 1. As we go over the bridge we always look down and say, "We really should stop and look around that cute town." I’m so glad we did. In addition to the Maine Farmland Trust gallery there are 20 other amazing art galleries. We were lucky to get a recommendation to eat at Chase’s Daily. Definitely get off Route One to go to Chase’s.

If you are in Belfast between now and November 16th, stop at the Maine Farmland Trust gallery and look at the art. If you are a member, you get to attend the Tenth Anniversary Celebration Show and Auction. Don’t miss it. Membership is reasonable. The student rate is only $20 and the Family membership is only $50. The trust protects farmland by matching farmers with lease and buy opportunities that keep America farming.

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