Five on Friday

1. We are wrapping up "Banned Book Week" but the challenges continue. Challenges often ramp up at the beginning of each school year.  See for more info on books under attack. I’ve ordered 100 of these buttons…

from the ABFFE (American Booksellers Foundation For Free Expression) and I’m itching to hand them out at PTO meetings, potluck dinners and the like.
2. In the same vein, has a wonderful collection of haikus over in the comment section of her blog this week in support of free expression. Take a look. Here are my contributions.

rooted deep in fear
censors dictate their one truth
micro-manage youth

If all books portray
people who link and think the
same as me? Boring

3. I have completed my sketches for the book I’m illustrating for The Telling Room, in Portland and turned them in yesterday. Yea, me! The project, Fufu & Fresh Strawberries, seems much more real now. The pub date is May of 2010. Would you like a sneaky peaky? Okay, you talked me into it. Here are a couple of sketches…

4. So now I’m going to go work on an oil painting for a harvest show that is calling for entries.
5. Then I need to buckle down and write my critical essays for my MFA, packet number 3, the over the hump packet! Have a great weekend!
(By the way, no one has left any comments in the last three posts, so for my piece of mind, could someone just say "hello" so I know these are posting? Thanks.)