No place like home

Perhaps you have been thinking that the Green mountains of Vermont had swallowed me up in their morning mist and starry nights. It is not so. When the VCFA residency ended I drove back to my parent’s home in south central Pennsylvania, packed my older son I. for his first sleep away camp experience and then drove him three and a half hours to northern Pennsylvania where the camp is located. On the way, largish-son, smallish-son and I met up with my hubby and camped. (For those of you who don’t know, Hubby is away with the Navy which is one reason I am at the parent’s place.It had been three weeks since we had seen one another.) Now smallish son and I are packing up as much of our belongings as will fit in the minivan, and I am snatching bits of time for reading and writing assignments. (Three books down and one critical essay started as well as some important character discovery work)

Come Thursday we will get back in the van and travel back to the sleep away camp, pick up largish-son and drive to Newport, RI where we will see hubby again. Twice in two weeks, not bad. When the renters move out of our Maine house and we can move back in… I will have a home. And my screen porch. And my kitchen.

Oh, how I miss my kitchen. This kitchen will be the site of many a potluck in my new and improved Maine life. You see it took leaving to realize how much I missed my Maine friends.

Just click your heels together and say, "There’s no place like home…"

I wish it was that easy. Instead, moving (on our own, piece by piece, storing stuff in my parent’s barn and basement that we will have to come pick up later in the fall) has been a big pain in the tuchas! Anyway,  I’ve resolved to have monthly potluck dinners and whoever can come is welcomed! Bring a dish to pass and if you want, bring a board game that your chidren like to play or we can herd them outside to play in the driveway. Save the date– Saturday, August 22nd. (I assume I’ll be home by then, you might have to unpack a box if you come though.) You are welcome to arrive anytime past 2 but dinner won’t start till between 4 and 6 when others arrive. If you think you can come and you’d like details, send me message through Live Journal or Facebook. Hope to see you then.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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