The land of Mickey

 I’ve returned from vacationing in the land of Mickey! While I’m not an Orlando sort of person (I much prefer forests, mountains and streams to the concrete jungle) I had a great time with my family. We visited the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios. The creative minds at work there are just incredible. I’d love to be a fly on the wall while they create these rides. We saw a ton of theatre including Finding Nemo- The Musical which employs puppetry similar to the Lion King. The costumes and puppets were designed by Michael Curry who also designed the Lion King puppets. The experience was just incredible. 

In other news, the countdown to conference continues. 14 days. We are getting food numbers together and handling faculty travel issues. One of our faculty members will be having a blog tour next week. Take a look at Winston Breen’s Puzzle Party information to learn more! Travel to all the blog sites on the list and solve all the puzzles. Totally sweet! (That’s turtle for…um… totally sweet.)

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