Days of Yore

I’m pleased to say that the edits for the folder inserts are done. (No thanks to me, Anindita was Super Copy Editor Woman extraordinaire. slicing off commas left and right!) Conference things must be clearing out a bit, though, because I’m finding time to check status updates on Facebook and write on Live Journal. We are down to the nitty gritty. Food, travel and folder stuffing. This Sunday, a troop of brave volunteers will stare paper cuts in the face and say, "Bring it on," or something more eloquent. (They are writers after all. ) And fill all the colorful folders that we’ll give to 400 wonderful conference attendees. Oooo! I’m so excited. By the way 23 days and a wake up.

On Monday, I turned in a paper and art project I had for my color theory class. To do this, I had to revisit the days of yore. You know: staying up till midnight to finish my work, then getting up early the next day to REALLY finish my work, then arriving at class late because I had to finish my work. Crazy. I just keep telling myself that I’m doing pretty darn great considering I have kids (volunteering at my son’s elementary school production of Willy Wonka and oh, yeah,  baseball has started), I’m running a huge conference, and I’m still trying to do some creative work. If you missed my most recent grumbly post, check out (not me)  the comment from my friend Kim where she posts the link to the movie Who Does She Think She Is? Wow!

Something I learned while editing the workshop descriptions…word of the day… elision. 

My Life. So similar to yours I’m sure.

 When I wake up in the morning (around 6ish) my brain kicks into overdrive. With my eyes closed, illustration ideas play for me like a slide show. Sometimes I squeeze them harder trying to make out the details, the colors, the gestures, space, composition… Without fail they fade as I open my eyes. 

I take this time to plan too. "Today," I think,  "I will jump right up, do some research for my class paper, write the "one-month-left" letter to faculty of the conference, revise Regular Bus, I need to dummy up First Came the Deer"… and on and on until I’m so overwhelmed that the warmth of my husband and the bed lull me to inaction for another half-hour. 

Then it’s up and at ’em. Unload the dishwasher, get up the boys, make lunches. Has everyone has breakfast? Get your lunch box, shoes on, shoes on, homework packed. Mom did you sign my… Shoes on! Let’s go. Run, run, let’s not miss the bus…

Then quiet. Clean the kitchen or check email? Check email. 

Oh no, I’m late. Shoes on. Get to class.

Did I mention one month left. I’m so excited for the conference but part of me wishes it was April 27th. Maybe then I’ll get to that 6 am list.