A List. Why not?

1. The kids were home last Tuesday for Veterans’ Day, and then Thursday and Friday sick. It was hard to get anything done

2. I was so happy to get some Mom and Dad time this weekend and they were happy to see the kids. There was much leaf raking and jumping.

3.. My mom, a long time journalist, editor and public relations guru, is always my first editor so I was pretty darn pleased with her positive reaction after reading my novel through this weekend. I’m ready for my own read through and revisions now. 

4. Sunday, I slept all day long as I got the same virus the kids had. 

5. Hubby away to Las Vegas for the week. "A little less conversation, a little more action…" He said he wouldn’t do any of the fun stuff without me even though I told him he could. Isn’t he sweet?

6. This list is not very insightful but it is easy to read.

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