Warning: Political Commentary

Note: My commentary is my opinion not journalism.
1. Mitt Romney looks better with the sound off.
2. White men (of the GOP) can’t dance to Earth, Wind & Fire.
3. Men and women of the GOP seem to be well, white. Oops. I lied, I just saw one African-American delegate. Oh, three.
4. Be careful. O-bama is bringing "Euro-pean" ideas about socialism and big government that will ruin the country.
5. Huckabee is a good speaker. Personable and passionate.
6. The governor of Hawaii is a republican woman. I didn’t know.
7. Sure challenging things happen to all families. However, when you come down to it, abstinence only policies are ineffective in preventing teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. As one South Carolina delegate told NPR, "Here we are talking about family values and abstinence and all this, but kids are gonna be kids no matter what. Once you’re out of sight or in love you’re gonna do all these things. It’s just the times we’re in these days." Perhaps these days call for a condom.
8. I wonder what Mitali Perkins and Sparrow are saying about Bristol. Perhaps I’ll go over to http://www.sparrowblog.com/ and see.
9. The GOP women are awful feisty when it comes to Gov. Palin. Good on them. I am impressed by her ability to handle a large family, a professional career and the recent birth of a child with special needs. I pumped milk in the janitor’s closet at school while trying to teach full time and deal with the care of my two young children. I am pleased to see her success. But I do not agree with her socially conservative stance on many issues.
10. There sure are a lot of references to "elite" and "liberal" media.
11. I am not joking, the delegates are chanting "Drill baby drill" in reference to oil. Ummm… shouldn’t we be looking for alternate energy sources that are renewable, clean and safe to build our economy and save our planet.
12. Not all terrorists are followers of Islam and not all Muslims are terrorist. To suggest either is fear mongering as usual.
13. Guilliani is so slimy he makes me cringe.
14. I truly wish Levi and Bristol friendship, love and strength in their relationship. They are going to need it in the public eye.
15. Just a pet peeve, but, I really don’t think Iraq is pronounced, I-rack.
16. I’m so pleased that Palin will advocate for children with special needs. I hope she realizes that the medical and respite care, special ed teachers and aides all require government funding. If she does, I’m with her all the way on this.
17. "The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?" beat "Lipstick." made me smile.
18. Oh my, they just took a protester off the floor, dragged her off the floor.
19. She is a pistol, I’ll tell ya’.
20. As someone who was born and raised in the District of Columbia, I get really ticked when politicians from either side of the aisle bash Washington yet work so hard to get there.

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