In eight minutes I will swing into action making PB & J’s, prodding small children out of bed, and nagging them toward the bus. Thank goodness they are not big enough to take the middle school bus 6:30 or the high school bus 7:00. I just said good-bye to hubby. September is full of business travel for him (three weeks in a row but home for weekends.) We are headed to Maine for two of those weekends. One to visit his family and attend the Great State of Maine Air Show. (Bring your ear plugs.) The second time to take me to my writers schmooze. I can’t wait.

I’ve been working hard on my novel. Writing, reading craft books, and thinking. A lot of thinking about who my character is and what he would really do. Trying to let him write the story and not insert myself too much. Since he is loosely based on my older son (9), I’ve found myself delving deeply into I.’s personality. All characters need a flaw, and he certainly has them (as do we all). As a mother (a jewish mother : )) it is hard to believe that my son could have any, so the journey into this character and into this book (with an anti-semitic and bullying plot) is emotional.

Once the kids are on the bus. I’ll settle down with a cup of tea and my laptop and write another couple of chapters. Hope I can revise the first draft by schmooze time. Until then, I’m looking forward to cool nights, loons on the lakes, and you all.

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