The Convention- night one

Well friends, last night Michelle Obama spoke with what I can only describe as relaxed elegance. She stayed on-message speaking about hope and change. Mrs. Obama stood as a sort of witness for the kind of man Barack Obama has been and why he is the one to lead us into the future.  Her references to this week’s anniversaries of  Women’s Suffrage and The March on Washington hammered home the historical importance of this election. I feel in my heart that this Thursday will bring us a speech for the history books and I’m taping it for my kids to watch. 

The Obama children were delightful as they interacted with their father on the huge LCD screen behind them. (Senator Obama was in Kansas City watching his wife with a host family there.) The kids spoke with their Dad who is just Dad to them. They told him they loved him and said hello to the host family. They hogged the microphone as any kid would do.  The Obamas, I thought, are a family like my family, like so many families across this country and the world. And it was that moment of intimacy that made me tear up a bit. I’m sure that that is just what the planners hoped for. It worked.

(Speaking of Women’s Suffrage… if you are reading this blog and you are not registered to vote, STOP, DRAG your mouse, and CLICK on over to Rock the Vote or Declare Yourself  who have FAQ’s and registration forms available. Or, go to the closest Department of Motor Vehicles (Many state have “motorvoter” laws that register you to vote when you get your license or car registration) or Town Office to get registered to vote. In most states you have to register 30 days before the November 4th election.
If you didn’t have a chance to see her speech last night, here it is.

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