Five on Friday

1. I got a haircut. This is my userpic from 8/06.

Here I am now 8/08

Shorter is better for the heat. If you want the one with glasses, it’s my new userpic. I hope Katie C. likes the new and improved photo, she hated the last one.

2. For the last couple of months I’ve felt a little alone in my new development. Houses everwhere but no one in sight. Turns out that people were away or just hiding in their air conditioning. The school bus has brought out a swarm of parents and kids. We’ve taken to bringing a frisbee or football to the bus stop and everyone plays. This is quite different then the end of our little dirt road in Maine. Then it was just us.

3. We’ve been playing ultimate frisbee in the evenings after dinner. It’s great exercise and E, often frustrated by his brother’s excellent ball handling skills, has found a sport he can excel at. We come in sweaty and happy.

4. Conference planning is gearing up. Proposals for presenters are due on September 15th. I’d love to see proposals from LJer’s in the New England area. Travel costs are keeping us from recruiting far away folks. Here is the weblink to the CFP. (The  on-line application link is on the CFP.)

5. My Maine friends got me a gift certificate to a great indy book store here. Bay books is just wonderful and what they don’t have in stock they’re happy to order. I recently got:

Thanks to

 for the great tip on A Circle of Quiet and to

 for the True Meaning of Smekday. I love Adam Rex’s illustration style and his “Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich…” poetry collection is a family favorite.

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