Mom’s Blog

I’m pleased to say that my mother has been bitten by the blogging bug. If you’d like to check it out, link to Art and Politics with Ruth Jordan. My Mom is an amazing woman. A long time writer, journalist, and public relations guru, she is also a print maker.  I can promise you plenty of Democratic politics over there as November draws nigh. She is the President of the Greencastle-Antrim Democratic Club, part of the Franklin County Dems.

Ah-ha, you say. That is where Anna gets all of her organizational madness. Yes, my Mom was certainly a large part of it but both of my parents were union organizers so I think I got the gene double duty. I can say that my mother was my first editor. I’ve gotten a much thicker skin since then but her edits used to make me cry. Me: “But, Maaa-om, that’s not what I want to say!” Needless to say, she was right then and I’m finally experienced enough to admit it.  Recently, my mother finished her SCUBA certification. Not bad, for a 69 year old lady. (Way to go, MOM!) So take a look at her blog if you get a chance.

Mom and Dad on the Peaks Island Ferry, Casco Bay, Maine.

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