You know what is great? When you find what you love to do. I love to write and manage and plan. I love calendars and events. You know what else is great? When someone pays you to do what you love. I recently got a job as a writer for the website . I’m getting to manage the editorial calendar, interview cool people in the field, do research and write articles. This is what I was doing for the last many years as a writer for children, but it was all on speculation and I must say, the paycheck piece is a welcomed change.

The biggest issue has been my own writing. I’ve been juggling my kiddos, my house, my move, and my husband’s new work and travel schedule but throw in my SCBWI work and my novel and you’ve got a recipe for mental breakdown. So, if you are interested in conference updates I must apologize and tell you that on August 19th my kiddos go back to school and I will make the conference a bigger part of my life. Until then, get your presentation proposals in. The info is at

If you are a first reader waiting for the first complete draft of Jacob Jones… I’m setting September 15th as my deadline. Schmoozers, I’m looking for a plane ticket.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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