Office Clean up

I apologize to those who read the blog regularly. Office clean-up seems to be a reoccurring theme for me. For those who don’t read, here is the cyclical process.

1. My office/studio is clean.
2. I’m all proud of my amazing organizational skills and reinvigorated.
3. I am very productive in this lovely clean space.
4. I make significant headway on a project trying very hard to put all my tools away and file papers as I go.
5. At this point some other project becomes necessary at the same time (going to a school visit, helping my children with a school project, directing a huge 500 person conference, giving my kiddo a birthday party, moving my entire married/mother life of 15 years OR ALL OF THESE THINGS!) and it becomes impossible to keep things organized.
6. The office is a huge disorganized mess.
7. I cannot work in my office. It makes me feel oogey, and all I can do is “friend”  people on Facebook, read blogs, and play scrabulous and word twist addictively.
8. I clean my office/studio. Sorting the keep and toss piles, reorganizing, sharpening pencils, spray cleaning the dust off my desk.
9. Go to #1

To those of you who are taking Laurie’s 15 minute a day challange, congrats. I’ll get to it as soon as I can see the floor again.

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