Feelings, wo-wo-wo, feelings

 Last night, hubby asked me how I was feeling about the move. “I really can’t complain,” I started, then I did.

Everyone in the community as been welcoming and friendly, the kids are making friends, the house is lovely, the school is great, so what could be wrong.

It is just a feeling. A feeling of being alone in the middle of a crowd. In Maine, when I was feeling alone it was because I was in the middle of field and forest without many neighbors. This is different. I’m sure that when we settle in and get our things I’ll feel more grounded. 

I think what I’m missing most is my work. I’ve been writing and drawing but not working on current projects. My characters and their conflicts are on hold in a file in a computer in Maine and I’m here.  But soon enough, they will be here too and I will be happy to have them.

So how am I feeling. Fine, just fine.

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