Passion and politics

 left me a reply to my Sexism and the Media post and I felt that I should respond. Sometimes when our writing comes from passion it needs a few revisions to get from the heart to the page. Perhaps I didn’t want to put too much out there as this is a blog about the children’s book industry and my attempts to enter it, rather than a political blog. I tried to be subtle but I think my attempts at subtlety were just fuzzy and confusing. Allow me to clarify.

I do not think that sexism doomed Hillary’s campaign. I think there were a lot of other things going against Hillary. Her husband’s history, her inability to rise above the politics-as-usual game, her “experience” brand (which at times seemed unfounded), her inability to connect with younger voters, her connection to the imperialism that would hold the white house if she were elected…Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton?

That said, I admire her tenacity, and her focus on domestic issues (health care specifically). I would have liked to hear more about children, education and peace.

The second part of the post (connected to the video link) was really about the decline of journalism and the false familiarity of journalist with their subjects. I do think

is right that Senator Clinton preferred “Hillary” in an attempt to distance herself from the Clinton name. But she is what she is. All of it. I actually think this false familiarity started with Bill Clinton going on MTV answering the boxers or briefs question, and jamming on the sax. Not that this was wrong, but I think it opened the flood gates.  

Most important, Democrats and others who are fed up with the current  administration must unify to elect O’bama, and change the direction and priorities of our country. Our economy, our supreme court, our health, our environment, our children and our international reputation is on the line.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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