Range Pond Paddle

Yes, the weekend was lovely because I got to see my friends but I also got some quality family time. We rented tandem kayaks and paddled Range Pond.
“Dip your paddles in quietly. Very stealthy so your father and brother don’t hear us. ‘With muffled oar…'”
“Like Paul Revere.”
“Yes, but he used lambs wool or a lady’s petticoat or something.”
“Yes, but we don’t have that, so be quiet.”
“We’re getting closer.”
“Wait till you hear my command… Ready? SPLASH!”
“Ack, they’re splashing back!”
“Forward paddle! Turn, turn, prepare to defend.”
Much laughter, and splashing, and general soakedness.

We were lucky to spot birds:
A bald eagle perched and watching the sparkling waters for fish. (Not this particular bald eagle this is from Google images, as are the rest.)

A flashy Oriole.

And two lovely loons.

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