Conference Meeting

I’m a map person. I hold on to interesting maps that arrive with the National Geographic, cool maps from the state park, road maps from Italy.  I like mapquest. I use it often. I feel really comfortable with directions. I’m the kind of person who often just “knows” which way to turn.

Not yesterday. The towns inside 495 around Boston are so confusing to me. The are stacked one on top of another with old roads that snake around town squares and become new roads that are divided and disappear under underpasses and around rotaries. ACK! Even though I packed my kids for school the night before, woke  up at 4:45, took my shower, got my boys to a friends house by 5:45 and left on time… I ended up at my meeting a half an hour late. I was almost in tears after calling Marilyn Salerno twice on my cell phone to be talked into her subdivision bit by bit.

Never the less, the meeting was great. We made decisions and worked well together. It is great to meet the people who give their time and expertise to help create the conference that means so much to me. I’m still learning names but…. a huge thanks to Gia, Julie, Gail Joanie, Janet, Jeanne, Pam, Dawn, Marion and of course Francine and Marilyn. (Hope I spelled them all correctly.)

I need to get through the Fall Folio Feast on November 3rd and I’ll be able to focus more on my work and SCBWI. Just an update on the Feast. We still have a few spots left for illustrators to exhibit their portfolios. Art Buyers include: Islandport Press, Tilbury House, Candlewick, Charlesbridge, Family Fun Magazine, Portland Phoenix, WGBH Boston, and many other wonderful designers and art directors who are looking for illustrators as part of their daily work. Follow this link for more info: Fall Folio Feast.