Workshop Proposals

Okay, I know how an editor feels. I’m slogging through 65 workshop proposals and here is what I can tell you.
1. The process of creating a book, is pretty much the same from person to person. Even though your wonderful, exciting, memorable experience was unique to you, it does not necessarily make for a great workshop.
2. Craft, we need more workshops where people get to DO something instead of being talked at.
3. Illustrators. Where the heck are ya’? I know you have knowledge to share. Get out from behind your drawing tables and type out a proposal for 2009 when I’m running the show. Geez.
4. There are a few great ones. Either they are really unique or the person has amazing experience to share.
My head feels like a soaked sponge. Heavy. Fuzzy.
Must keep slogging.

5. Targeting the workshop to a specific audience and market makes it more interesting than people who say their workshop is perfect for everyone.