Rejection #2

I’m sad to say that another rejection came yesterday. This one from Highlights.  Usually, I wouldn’t expect much. Usually, I expect Spam, and if I get steak, I’m thrilled. However, the last two rejections have come with possible steak build up from editors so I let myself think steak. Wrong. Spam.

Spam, spam. Rejection, rejection. The manuscript for Highlights was a requested revision on a fiction contest entry. “Could you cut 100 words and send it to us again?” “You bet,” I say. Unfortunately, they thought it wasn’t developmentally appropriate, even though it was shorter. With the Sylvan rejection it was great to be told I’d made the “cut” and to be asked for marketing info, but ultimately hard to hear “no.”

I would have been happy to try again on the Highlights piece but they didn’t ask for any more revisions.

What do we do friends? Pick up, brush off, send it out again! Spamalicious.

Still waiting on the SCBWI nonfiction grant, and an agent.

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