Sylvan Dell rejection

I too received a Sylvan Dell rejection. Sad, because I had made the “cut” to the semi-finals round and wanted so much to go all the way. Pick-up, brush off, try again. But first…

Go to an amazing free outdoor concert of the Indigo Girls.
I’m sorry I didn’t hear you scream. THE INDIGO GIRLS. With opener Brandi Carlisle who is amazing! Here is a photo.
Well, what do you think it looked like? It was outdoors and dark and there were tons on people all singing and swaying to the amazing voices and harmonies. The kind that make you close your eyes and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. And while my hubby didn’t get me chocolate for my rejection, he did let me go to the concert alone without small beasts who would get tired and want to leave. (But he has been informed of the new chocolate for rejection policy.)

Hmmm… that’s a lot of “amazings.”

Thanks to everyone for their kind welcome backs. It is good to be in the community again, and time to get to work.

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