Finding my style

Oh my gosh, I’m soooo. Excited! I couldn’t sleep so I started working on the second page of my current dummy book. (which follows the last post)  It came so easily. For the past few years I’ve been struggling to find me. My style. My shelves are lined with markers, pencils, paints, pastels, paper and printing materials. I’ve always gravitated toward flat color and bold line but kept losing the freedom and flow of line when I had to transfer drawings to a new substrate. This year I’ve been building my photoshop skills and wacom tablet skills hoping to use a mixture of scanning and traditional to create finished work. I enjoy that but I really love drawing right on the tablet. I love the line, I love the flat color and I’m having so much fun with this work, that I’d been dreading. I’ve finished two pages in two days. I find that the research and traditional sketching, studies, etc. all comes together when I put it away close my eyes and really focus on the vision in my mind’s eye. Have a great day everyone.

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